reprinted from 15 Bytes, February 21, 2019 Zachary Proctor Exits the Wormhole With a Bouquet of Enigmatic Narratives BY SHAWN ROSSITER ON FEBRUARY 21, 2019 • ( 1 COMMENT ) Planning is useful. It provides structure, focuses energy. But, as Zachary Proctor’s new works at Park City’s Terzian Galleries attest, getting lost in the work has its advantages as well. In Destinations Unknown,Proctor is exhibiting with longtime friend and past exhibition partner Lane Bennion. The pair usually organize a show around a common theme. “This time we wanted to start paintings and not know where they would end,” says Proctor. Gallery owner Karen Terzian approved, so they’ve been spending the past five months “finding our way down wormholes we didn’t expect.” Proctor’s results are some of his most surreal images to date, works that are dark, funny, unsettling — sometimes all in the same canvas. Proctor frequently employs nostalgic reference materials in his work, mining images a generation or more removed from his own. Recently, these were mid-20th-century racing cars and motorcycles, like the old Formula One that crashes into a wood fence in a work that appeared at Finch Lane’s Square One exhibit last year. There was usually a narrative quality to these works — whether they depicted a dramatic crash or the moments before and after a race — but in Proctor’s most recent works the narrative qualities have intensified while also becoming more enigmatic. This may have something to do with his working process, where he collages together various images to create a painting. “An idea will spark in my head, then I’ll start the painting,” he says. “But a missing puzzle piece shows up and I’ll have to reflect on where to find it or just let time pass until it [...]