“Terzian Galleries features inventive new work,” says preeminent Southwest Art Magazine in selecting Terzian.

PARK CITY – New works by Kina Crow and Emily McPhie are on view at Terzian Galleries this month. Both artists display a certain sense of whimsy in their works.

Crow, a ceramist, has a long-standing interest in the face and figure as subject matter. Her creatures typically tell stories and evoke the artist’s passion for paint, color and texture. “My pieces will almost always hold slices of my subconscious and are a window into my personal sense of humor and an exposition of all that I must confess,” she says.

McPhie was featured in Southwest Art’s annual 21 Under 31 article last September. The brightly colored figures in her painting also display an engaging and whimsical sense of humor while often tackling issues such as motherhood and being a woman in today’s society.